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Silent Screams Shirley Hilt

Silent Screams

Shirley Hilt

Published September 1st 2012
ISBN : 9781432727567
128 pages
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 About the Book 

Lizbeth is lost in a world of abuse that offers no escape. Her Grandmother (Nana) tries to shield Lizbeth from her mother (Judy), but it is often difficult. Judy is a diabolical, self-indulging partier whos looking for Mr. Right to take her from the squalor of her heritage, and will stop at nothing to get what she wants. In the 1950s the child protection agencies did not get involved in family situations unless a report was made to the authorities, and even then it was questionable. Lizbeth lived in a poor farming community that was barely eking out a meager living and butting into someone elses business was not the way of its citizens. They know Judy is no good but can really do nothing to appease the situation until one day it gets out of hand and Judy leaves the community. Nana and Gramps have instilled a love of God in Lizbeths young life, and that knowledge of a loving, protecting Being is often the only thing that allows Lizbeth to survive ordeals that are far too painful for a four year old to suffer. Lizbeth endures the death of her beloved Gramps, but is content in the love and security that Nana provides, even though Judy continues to pop in and out of her life, wrecking havoc and pain with each visit. Then suddenly Judy comes home with a new daddy for Lizbeth, and she is expected to go live with a woman who hates her and a man she doesnt know. Her world is ripped apart with fear and anxiety leaving Nana behind, who has been her protector. Lizbeth comes to love her stepfather, who is unaware of his wifes unfaithfulness, or the rape of his four year old step-daughter. Lizbeth is afraid to say anything because she knows the repercussions will be painful beyond belief. When she is blessed with a baby sister and later a baby brother, her blessings turn into responsibilities to keep them safe from Judy, a task that proves to be emotionally and physically draining on such a young girl. Shes not only their big sister, but takes on the role of mother, since Judy has no desire to be one. We follow the pain and suffering of Lizabeth and her siblings until the ultimate betrayal by Judy could lead to the young childrens death.