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Bride School: Set 1: Books 1-3 Bella Bowen

Bride School: Set 1: Books 1-3

Bella Bowen

Kindle Edition
380 pages
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 About the Book 

This is a compilation of the first three books in the series.Welcome to Diamond Springs Ranch, a cowboys alternative to Mail Order Brides, where future wives of the Western Territories will be trained how to be a fine lady, a loving wife, and a damn fine shot. Its how the West will really be won.Book 1:1870, Wyoming Territory. Genevieve is determined to set up a Bride School at Diamond Springs Ranch, but theres one cowboy in her way--the man who possesses her late husbands ranch, the man she once loved, the man she will ruin if its the last thing she does.Devlin cant believe Gen is back, but it doesnt take long to realize she isnt interested in a reunion. And if he doesnt act quickly, he wont be able to save his precious secrets, let alone his big dreams.Book 2:Lizzy Tanner is thrilled to be chosen for the Bride School at Diamond Springs Ranch. But when her prince comes calling, she doesnt fit his glass slipper.Unimpressed by what Boston has to offer, Jacob Montgomery is tantalized by the idea of a Western bride. But the one he wants is too young and too prone to trouble to suit his high society life.Book 3:Molly doesnt believe the attention of her backwoods cousin is as harmless as her father insists. In fact, she’s starting to think her father isnt as oblivious as he seems and she’d be a fool not to flee. She jumps at the chance to become a Diamond Springs Bride, hoping that her future husband will be a kinder man who will allow her to be happy. But she may not get the chance to marry at all if she can’t put her past nightmares behind her and do what she fears most—dance.Samuel doesnt break promises…For years, Samuel Craighton has been bringing home both animals and people with broken wings, but his soft heart can’t bear much more. He applies at the famous Bride School for a perfectly trained and capable woman to help him tend to the wounded he already has. And luckily, the first bride he meets is more than he dared hope for. He quickly throws his hat in the ring, but finds she’s damaged too. And to keep a promise, he must choose a different bride. But if he does, another man is more than happy to scoop her up, broken wing and all.Book 4, Marys story, is coming soon.