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Letter To Five Wives John Klempner

Letter To Five Wives

John Klempner

Published 1946
204 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

This book was the source material for the 1949 film A Letter To Three Wives In retrospect, in comparison of book vs. film, its one of those rare instances were the film was better than the movie - for example, in the book the wives seemed like a bunch of doormats, while in the film they were portrayed as stronger and cleverer characters (most likely due in part to Joesph Mankiewiczs producing, writing, and directing skills)One thing of note though, was the character of Deborah - as the book went on, she seemed to exhibit characteristics of an aspergirl, which would have been quite revolutionary at the time. Other than that, the novel is pretty dated and drags on from time to time. Its a relatively obscure not to mention long-out-of-print book, but if you liked the movie and are curious to see how it stacks up, I would seek out a copy (if your area has a well-stocked library system, they may have a copy)