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We Are Not Angels Pastor Lawrence Laws

We Are Not Angels

Pastor Lawrence Laws

Published July 1st 2008
ISBN : 9781595269997
58 pages
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 About the Book 

About the Book: We Are Not Angels is a letter written to humans to begin a new discourse about the nature of who we are. Rev. Laws explains the nature of religion to individuals who have religious beliefs, and those who dont, and briefly explores the nature and purpose of free will. This treatise is designed to motivate and inspire people everywhere to rethink what it means to be spiritual and natural and introduces the mind of God in a way that average, everyday people can understand and apply. About the Author: Lawrence Hallel Laws is the Presiding Apostle of the N.F.C. (Non-Denominational Fellowship of Churches and Ministries). Hes the senior pastor of Highest Praise Ministries, a church planter, and community organizer. As senior pastor, hes a teacher and worship leader. Lawrence is known for his uncanny ability to translate difficult truths into simple phraseology, accessible to everyone. Pastor Laws and his wife Sharon Denice Laws live with their children in Lynwood, IL.